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Here at Cash Flow Assets, we know that it is possible to live the lifestyle you want to live—not someday but right now.

With cash flow through rental property income, we’ve been able to regain control of our time to do what we love with the people we love…

… and we want to help you do it, too!

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The Cash Flow Assets Strategy

Our strategy is aimed at building long-term wealth, and it all boils down to three simple steps. 

Establish goals and build a plan

We’ll help you establish your goals and build a plan, which includes getting your financials organized. 

Analyze and identify the right cash flow properties

We’ll help you learn to analyze properties for their cash flow potential and identify the right properties for you

Achieve Goals

You can then simply repeat the process until you’ve reached your goals!

What Others Are Saying About Robert


Shannon B.

“I contacted Robert and the team at Blackwell to help me because my properties were not making any money. They evaluated my portfolio, helped me make some changes, and increased my cash flow by over $8,000 monthly!”

Thomas W.

“I met Robert because I had $200,000 to invest and wanted to buy a rental. He consulted with me and helped me develop a better plan. Instead of one property, I now own two fourplexes, a tri-plex, and a single unit. Combined, the portfolio brings in over $12k/mo!”

Jon W.

“I recently got out of the Navy and wanted to buy a home. The team at Blackwell showed me how to use my VA benefit to buy a 4-plex instead of a single-family unit. I now live for free in one of my units, and my tenants cover all my living expenses!”

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